Interview with Dr. Kalpeshkumar L Gupta By LawClique


1. Tell us about the college/ university where you graduated from.

I did B.Com, LL.B., LL.M. from Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, Surat, Gujarat.I also did Master of Business Laws from National Law School of India University, Bangalore. I did Ph.D. from Gujarat National Law University, Gandhinagar.

2. Sir, Since you did your Masters in Business Laws and CS (Executive) ,Why you didn’t join in Law Firm?

I did LL.M. in Business Laws. I wanted to develop my career in Corporate Laws so pursued these courses in that direction only. I worked with couple of CA firms while doing law but did not think to join any law firms as I was not inclined to do so.

3. Sir, Please share gist of your Ph.D thesis and what were the outcomes ?

I did Ph.D. in Business Law subject. Title of my Ph.D. Thesis is “Study of Economic and Legal Aspects of Special Economic Zones set up Under Special Economic Zone Act, 2005”. The conclusion of my thesis is that SEZ in India is not meeting upto the expectation set earlier .

4. Please share your experiences regarding Legal Aid, Research in India/Your Team Services i.e., ProBono .

There is urgent need of extensive and effective legal aid and awareness activities in India. Lakhs of people are not able to get legal aid well in time and effective manner. Central Authority, National Legal Services Authority and State Authority are not perfuming well in providing legal aid services in the country. Most of the Law faculty and students are much interested in legal aid and awareness activities as desired as a part of legal education. I have been trying at my level and motivate colleagues, students to do something for society.

5. Did you succeed in your goals by establishing ProBono & other ventures?

Not yet, still I am in nascent stage. Trying to contribute little by establishing ProBono India ( and Legal Startups ( in 2016 and 2018 respectively.

6. According to you, what are the areas that a law student should focus on during college life?

As per my view students take up course of his/her area of interest whether it is civil, criminal, corporate etc. but take up course, issues which will help society at large.

7. What Is Your Take On Academics? How Important Are Grades In Law School For An Illustrious Career?

Presently academics is too much demanding like earlier days. We need to do more administrative task rather than teaching. Most of the faculty are not able to cope up with present academic pressure. From my view point, grades are not important at all for illustrious career. You need to just differentiate yourself from others that will lead you to exceptional career growth.

8. Is not having a legal background (family) really affects a lawyer’s profession in the long run?

Having legal background helps in career to the some extent but nowadays first generation lawyers are making their mark in the profession.

9. What are some of the main personality traits of a successful lawyer?

Be proactive in life it will pay you in long run, may not be immediately.

10. Tell us about your area of expertise and your operation strategies.

For last one decade, I have been involved in varied area of activities, presently my area of interest is law, management, general management, entrepreneurship, legal startups, court management, public policy, law and interdisciplinary area.

11. What is the importance of interpersonal skill for a lawyer?

Interpersonal skill is utmost in today’s era. Personally, this skill has helped a lot in my career because of it I have very network at state and national level.

12. Any tips that you would like to give budding lawyers and law students.

Just follow your intuition, differentiate yourself, prompt decision making and action as competition is getting tougher day by day.

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